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Second Level Analysis

Since TextOre’s “mining” process allows us to see a correlation between terms, this level is very important to us. This is where we can view a relationship between two terms and drill right to the section within the article which we are looking for.

As you can see from the picture below, each hit includes the title of the article (if available) and the source from where it came. Also we still have the ability of comparing the term we selected to any of the keywords we had chosen in the beginning.

From this point we can choose to view the section of the article in which the correlation took place without having to read the entire article. The benefit of this is time. Here we can view only the section we need without having to find it by reading the entire article. However, if this is of importance to us then we can easily select the article and read it in full-text format.

When drilling down by a term to gain a three level comparison, we again see a chart similar to that shown in the first level analysis but shows only the comparisons between the top and left side terms as they relate to the selected term. This allows for total control of finding exactly what we are looking for very quickly.

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