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The Input Stage

The input stage begins with you, the user. The picture below is the screen your team of researchers will use to input the search criteria (key words, phrases, company names, country names or other relevant terms) which will be used to define what TextOre will look for during the “mining” process.

The first input field is the “keywords” field. Here we will input the actual search criteria. Unlike traditional Boolean searches which are usually effective with four or five terms, TextOre is capable of analyzing text using multiple categories and multiple terms and synonyms within each category. The resulting profile can have two or three categories with a few concepts in each category, or it can be much more elaborate, with twenty or more categories with forty or more concepts and synonyms within each category.

The “exceptions” field is where our researchers eliminate specific terms from the search which may appear in the “key words” field, but in their context have no relevance to the specific search. As in the above example, our researcher is searching the telecommunications field, but wants to exclude “fuel cell”, “interest rates”, “phoned”, “phone interview”, “by phone”, “by telephone”. Through experience in research, telecommunications searches will include these terms, but they would not be relevant to the telecommunications search we are performing.

The “data source” field is the data for TextOre to “mine”. This is where we place all the text we are going to search from. This can include any resources from the World Wide Web or any other newswires, newspapers or articles. Also with TextOre’s ability to “mine” in multiple languages, we can input “key words” in foreign languages and also “mine” against foreign sources.

Once we have completed the input stage, we select “Search” and let TextOre do its magic.

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