1) Questions about the company

Q.  What is the history of TextOre

A.  TextOre, Inc. provides business intelligence, text mining, data discovery, and research solutions, in any language, based on a highly advanced, proprietary technology developed within the laboratories of Northrop Grumman.

      We empower users to interactively mine, in real-time, both public information (news feeds, websites, etc.) and private documents (email, Word/PDF documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) for research, data discovery, and business intelligence purposes.

      We deliver this functionality: as a product (conventional software or an ASP-delivered subscription), as a service (we perform the research and mining for a client), or as a license to third parties to incorporate our technology and services into their products and websites.

2)      Questions about the technology

Q.     How is TextOre different from a search engine like Google or Yahoo?

A.     Search engines are great for searching general information such as where the next Rolling Stones concert will be played.  Search engines are based on entering one or two or maybe three key words and the search terms are compared against an indexed listing of documents that contain that same word or words.  It is like looking at a phone book, the user knows they want to find a Chinese restaurant, so the search engine identifies all places on the web with the word “restaurant” or “Chinese” and then provides a listing.  The problem is the search engine will return hundreds of thousands of “hits” – but where is the relevant data?  The user misses much of the information and may not ever find what they are looking for.  A massive list is produced with lots of information buried in the list.  Most users do not go beyond the first 5 or 10 listings of hits before tiring of the search experience.

In contrast, TextOre allows the user to enter hundreds or even thousands of concepts or search terms in multiple languages and “mine” the results as a series of patterns within documents or text data.  These patterns are cross-referenced in a unique visualization through a matrix, allowing the user to identify specifically what they are looking for in real time.  TextOre offers a much higher level of granularity in refining the information to display specifically what the user is looking for.