Management team

Meet our management team.

Robert Stewart, Ph.D., Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Dr. Stewart is responsible for building the initial management team, negotiating the licensing agreements with TASC and Northrop Grumman IT, and raising all capital used in the funding and growth of the company. A successful entrepreneur with significant business development and management experience, Dr. Stewart earned a Ph.D. in International Affairs with a specialization in Chinese law at Georgetown University. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and German and has an interest in Oriental studies and languages.  Dr. Stewart has worked for more than 20 years in the area of business and competitive intelligence with strong business experience in the Far East.

Terry Patten, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Technical Advisor:

Dr. Patten developed the basic technology underlying TextOre and has guided it through several prototypes into its current form. As the former head of the text processing research and development lab at TASC, Dr. Patten leads applied research to improve the ability to find and extract information in large text collections. He evaluates and prototypes text-processing products and methods and specializes in developing innovative yet practical techniques for difficult text processing problems. Formerly an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Ohio State University, he is a noted expert in the area of computational linguistics,  artificial intelligence and the automatic processing of natural-language text. Dr. Patten received a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh and is the author of several books and articles on computational linguistics.

Valerie Holt, Executive VP Global Operations

Valerie Holt is a founder in TextOre and is responsible for strategic positioning of the service and marketing.  In the mid-nineties, as CEO, she had built PSI UK into a highly profitable subsidiary of PSI Inc and then built out the London Hosting Centre to supply a growing range of advanced web applications to her rapidly expanding client base.  Subsequently she joined BT as Director of Applications. Her earlier work as Communications Advisor in acquisitions and mergers had prepared her for the analysis and planning that was required in this new market and yielded rewards to many of her clients and contacts.  

Knut Sundfjord, CEO, TextOre Nordic AS (Bergen, Norway)

Mr. Sundfjord is the co-founder and CEO of TextOre Nordic AS, a subsidiary of TextOre Inc. Sundfjord has worked for 17 years in the Norwegian IT industry, the past 10 years as CEO of web development firm Abile AS. In the early 1990s, Sundfjord earned an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University in the US, and worked as Research Analyst at consulting firm Bruce Morgan Associates in Northern Virginia from 1992-94.

Glen Thomas, CEO, TextOre Australasia (Brisbane, Australia)

Mr. Thomas is the co-founder and CEO of TextOre Australasia and brings skills as a seasoned entrepreneur in the Australian market with the founding of Janco, Ltd.  Mr. Thomas established TextOre Australasia in Brisbane and is forming alliances with local Australian firms as well as with the University of Queensland to explore applications in biotechnology and other sectors.