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Sharepoint - and TextOre

Sharepoint - and TextOre

Microsoft Sharepoint is used more and more for intranets, document management, collaboration - and knowledge discovery. Our text mining and analysis tools work alongside Sharepoint to aid knowledge managers and workers in finding the information they need.

Knowledge-based organizations have perhaps the most to gain from introducing Sharepoint. Document and information management is increasingly important as the amount of internally produced documents rise. Sharepoint also has mechanisms such as versioning and workflows that help document production, approval and governance.

An important issue when dealing with massive amounts of information, is findability. How can we identify relevant documents among thousands of files stored on intranets or file servers? The value of corporate legacy information - knowledge capital - is only realized when texts, articles and documents can be found and re-used by others than their creators, in new business settings and usages.

Our text mining and analysis tool Textore, and the document analysis and clustering tool Piranha, should be a part of any knowledge management system centered around findability. Both can be used to mine internal document repositories.

TextOre.net can be "plugged into" Sharepoint, allowing employees to easily search external content sources, and expanding the organization's knowledge base in a highly efficient way.

Utilizing Big Data will become an issue in most organizations. It's worth keeping in mind that unstructured data - text - is a significant part of Big Data, but perhaps the most difficult to analyze. TextOre has the tools for the job.

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Feb 9, 2013