Piranha is a leading document analysis tool that complements TextOre perfectly.


It was developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, and is now licensed by TextOre Inc.

Piranha is designed and built to extract content from documents and cluster this data into similar groupings which can then by viewed and analyzed by the operator. You can find  similar documents and remove duplicates in your corporate document archives.

Piranha is therefore the perfect tool for knowledge discovery and document analysis in your organization. Some examples of how Piranha could be used:

  • Consulting companies can analyze the resumes/CVs of their consultants, and see where their strengths are and what skills need to be improved.
  • Law firms can do the same with their lawyers’ resumes. Piranha will help when building a plan for skills development, and also in finding the right people for new assignments.
  • Companies that migrate to new intranets or document management systems should always analyze their document archives first and throw away outdated versions and duplicates. Piranha will make this task a lot easier.

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