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The TextOre software has been successfully applied to the title search market for mineral assets. This new process dramatically reduces the time, labor, and cost required to locate data from land deeds and county records.

TextOre ingests thousands to millions of scanned documents or text files in multiple formats and then uses proprietary algorithms to identify and unlock relationships (patterns) within those documents to locate descendancy of mineral titles.  

TextOre’s patent-pending process is being tested and applied to records obtained from West Texas courthouses.  TextOre is looking for new partners and clients to prototype the application in several Texas counties before launching a fully commercial product later this year.

The Title Miner process in brief

1. Original courthouse document, scanned

2. Normalized, text-based document

3. TextOre results matrix with title document matches

4. Document mined with TextOre, with key terms identified

5. Top relevant results in data table format

Powerpoint presentation: TextOre Energy AnalyticsWEBSITE


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