TextOre Product Suite

TextOre's suite of text mining products are perfectly positioned for the age of Big Data. When analyzing huge amounts of unstructured data, having the right tools at your disposal is key.

TextOre has a range of unique features and qualities that make it especially useful in text and data analytics projects.

  • Multi-lingual: TextOre can mine data not only in different languages, but in different alphabets - like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Farsi, and Russian.
  • Multi-source: TextOre can connect to various data sources, such as the web, Bing, Twitter, RSS feeds, and proprietary feeds and databases.
  • Multi-dimensional results: TextOre visualizes search results in a matrix to make it easy for the analyst to identidy key information and drill down.

The User Experience and How TextOre Works


Key Benefits - TextOre can be used to:

  • Detect patterns or anomalies in a collection of documents. 
  • Help a user avoid reading many documents that are false hits 
  • Find relationships between concepts in a collection of documents. 
  • Monitor incoming documents for new or unusual information or relationships. 
  • Find information in foreign-language documents. 
  • Determine if an event or situation occurred or did not occur.

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