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TextOre always exceeds the performance standards of our contracts, resulting in many years of extraordinary customer satisfaction and exceptional performance evaluations.  Recent examples of client feedback include:

  1. “This is truly great stuff!  I appreciate the assistance.  This has been invaluable as we work through these translations…Thanks again and pass on a heartfelt thank you to your team from the ground team!”

  2. “You guys hit a home run…it would have taken us 6 months to produce what you produced in 6 weeks.”

  3. “We love what you guys bring to the table.” “This is solid work.”

  4. “So helpful- thank you very much…the description and nuance is super clear, and appreciate the examples we can note.”

  5. “Very thorough, and great insight into the data your team is able to surface.”

  6. “TextOre received exceptional ratings on all applicable areas…the team is very pleased with the progress made in the Base Year performance of the contract.”

  7. “All current deliverables are highly regarded among the customers for the diversity of sources and the accuracy of translations.”

  8. “The vendor [TextOre] always meets deliverable deadlines and is proactive to ensure products are delivered in advance of due dates.”

  9. “The vendor [TextOre] is always available for questions and responds quickly when reached out to for clarification on products delivered.”