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TextOre Defense Analytics is a division of TextOre, Inc. TextOre’s in-house team of language-enabled subject-matter experts gather information from numerous sources including news media, academic journals, social media, and geospatial data to craft custom analytical products. 

TextOre has decades of experience supporting the U.S. government and international corporate clients across a number of agencies and business fields.

Event Monitoring

We provide concise and timely reports on military activities such as training, technological development, equipment, mobilization, and combat operations.

Personnel & Organization Tracking

Using specialized databases and software, we track the activities and relationships of thousands of private companies, military units, and defense industry officials.

Geospatial Analysis

We use geospatial technologies to track the activities of military infrastructure, unit deployments and equipment capabilities.


TextOre uses our comprehensive databases of unit locations, capabilities and leadership databases to conduct novel simulations of important crises along the full range from “grey zone” conflicts to outright warfare.