• Foreign Media Exploitation: We provide translated content from a host of foreign sources, including military journals, scientific publications, and industry newspapers.

  • Geospatial Analysis & Mapping: We harness publicly available geospatial technologies to track the activities of military infrastructure, unit deployments, and equipment capabilities.

  • Global Event Monitoring: We create daily, highly-focused reports on allied / adversary military activities such as combat operations, unit mobilization, equipment modernization, peacekeeping missions, medical breakthroughs, and technology advancement.

  • Foreign Influence Operations: We monitor foreign influence operations globally, including tracking disinformation campaigns, targeted economic investments, groups engaged in IP theft, and state-sponsored networks of students, scholars, and organizations.

  • Social Media Monitoring & Analysis: We leverage a suite of technology to assess the scope of an online conversation, identify synthetic (bot-driven) narrative amplification, and ultimately enhance situational awareness of the information environment.

  • Leadership & Organization Tracking: We track the activities and relationships of thousands of political personnel, private companies, military units, and defense industry officials from allied / adversary nations.

  • Applied Research & Analysis: We deliver in-depth analytical products crafted by language-enabled analysts exploiting the full scope of information available in the foreign open-source environment.

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