TextOre, Inc. was founded in March, 2000 to commercialize advanced text-mining software and technologies developed for the US Government.  Specifically, the TextOre software was designed to search and mine foreign-language media and text content.

TextOre provides business-to-business (B2B) analytical software and services to organize, examine, and extract information from large volumes of unstructured text both accurately and quickly in any language including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and other languages.

The technology was developed over many years within the laboratories of TASC (The Applied Sciences Corporation), which was formerly part of Northrop Grumman Corporation. TASC is a recognized world leader in text mining research and processing, and originally developed the core technology to search and mine the excessively large and complex quantities of digital data, from all over the world, being handled by government analysts.

TextOre is sophisticated proprietary software that is unlike other technologies currently available. It has the ability to perform searches that are highly detailed using multiple queries in multiple languages. At the same time it provides results in a very easily understood manner. Results are provided through an advanced visualization profiling tool that identifies and visually depicts the intensity of relationships in unstructured data sources (letters, documents, e-mail, web blogs, social media, and web pages), including real-time news and information feeds. The technology not only identifies anomalies, frequently missed by competitive technologies, but also identifies specific sentences, paragraphs and relationships, taking into account the precise terms applied by a user.

In 2011, TextOre entered into a collaborative relationship with Oak Ridge National Laboratories to bring additional and complementary technologies into the suite of products. Between the resources offered by TASC and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, TextOre now has leading experts working on new and innovative approaches to text mining and advanced text processing, including the semantic-web. TextOre is actively applying the most advanced algorithms to problems in the text mining and search space.