OAK RIDGE, Tenn., April 4, 2011 — TextOre's licensing of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Piranha is enabling the Virginia-based company to introduce a powerful search and mining tool capable of processing large amounts of text data from the Internet.

April 4, 2011

Piranha, an award-winning knowledge discovery engine that won an R&D 100 Award in 2007, is an intelligent agent-based technology that will allow TextOre to analyze text data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The software sorts huge numbers of text documents into groups that are easily processed.

CEO Robert Stewart envisions the acquisition of Piranha helping TextOre to add jobs in software development, sales and marketing for the new suite of products to be developed. With these new products, the company expects to compete on a global scale.

"All of the tools being developed between TextOre and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are multilingual and capable of searching, clustering and mining data in any language from large repositories of data around the world," Stewart said.

The technology, developed by a team led by Tom Potok of ORNL's Computational Sciences & Engineering Division, has already been vetted in the scientific community and been used in real-world applications by governmental agencies.

"The system can find similar documents to a document of interest, remove duplicated documents such as identical news stories from different sources, and automatically classify documents by topic," Potok said.

Because of the scalability of the agent architecture and better algorithms, Piranha runs 100 times faster than other search engines and can work with continuously changing data sets. Piranha has been used by the U.S. military and Department of Homeland Security to analyze large sets of streaming data.

TextOre and ORNL are also working to commercialize key ORNL technologies in the forensic computing areas, according to Stewart.

"The relationship with Oak Ridge National Laboratory will allow TextOre to rapidly accelerate our product development and bring these highly advanced technologies to the global market faster," Stewart said.

TextOre plans to expand its offices in Fairfax, Va., to support the anticipated growth from the licensing of Piranha.

Piranha also received an award from the Southeast Federal Laboratory Consortium. The R&D 100 Awards are presented annually by R&D Magazine in recognition of the year's top 100 technological innovations. Piranha was developed by Potok, Jim Treadwell, Mark Elmore, Brian Klump, Robert Patton and Joel Reed.

In addition to its Virginia headquarters, TextOre (http://www.textore.net/) has offices in Bergen, Norway, and Brisbane, Australia.

ORNL is managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy's Office of Science


TextOre Inc has entered into a licensing agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

TextOre, Inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory will cooperate in developing software solutions for the commercial market globally.

We are developing an integrated product suite combining the respective strengths of TextOre and Piranha - giving our customers a truly powerful text mining and document analysis tool.


Since 2000, TextOre, Inc has led the way in developing and applying sophisticated analytical software and services to organize, examine and extract information from large data sets (or big data).

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report found that big data analytics could have "game changing effects" on an organisation's ability to create value and become more competitive and efficient. TextOre's sophisticated proprietary software has already produced such results for customers ranging from large government agencies to a major global cosmetics firm to the legal, insurance and research sectors. And now we have packaged TextOre for enterprise use. Text-Ore-in-a-Box delivers the same great user experience and analytical value of TextOre online.

With TextOre's recent licensing of Piranha, an award-winning knowledge discovery engine, big data can now be analysed with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Piranha runs one hundred times faster than other search engines and can work with continuously changing multilingual data sets. Results are provided through TextOre's user-friendly interface.

Through TextOre, users can extract detailed and accurate information on anything from customer preferences to product inventories to competitor performance to better tailor their products and services and give themselves a clear competitive advantage.

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