Since 2000, TextOre, Inc has led the way in developing and applying sophisticated analytical software and services to organize, examine and extract information from large data sets (or big data).

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report found that big data analytics could have "game changing effects" on an organisation's ability to create value and become more competitive and efficient. TextOre's sophisticated proprietary software has already produced such results for customers ranging from large government agencies to a major global cosmetics firm to the legal, insurance and research sectors. And now we have packaged TextOre for enterprise use. Text-Ore-in-a-Box delivers the same great user experience and analytical value of TextOre online.

With TextOre's recent licensing of Piranha, an award-winning knowledge discovery engine, big data can now be analysed with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Piranha runs one hundred times faster than other search engines and can work with continuously changing multilingual data sets. Results are provided through TextOre's user-friendly interface.

Through TextOre, users can extract detailed and accurate information on anything from customer preferences to product inventories to competitor performance to better tailor their products and services and give themselves a clear competitive advantage.

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