TextOre is used for a variety of purposes - in the public sector, research facilities and various business sectors.

A US Government Agency Client

Uses TextOre to search and mine large collections of text documents, news and information, and field reports from the Red Cross, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), and humanitarian relief agencies. Because TextOre is able to cut through the large amounts of text information in multiple languages, it is able to quickly pinpoint areas of critical need in Africa and other regions for humanitarian relief efforts (flooding, drought, AIDS, malaria, famine, war, and refugee assistance). A profile of key concepts was developed with the client and this information was mined for relevant issues in order to identify areas of need quickly and in an efficient manner. TextOre is used in a 24/7 environment for this client.

A Major Global Cosmetics Firm

Uses TextOre to help target and identify key trends in the cosmetics industry globally. The client worked with the research team at TextOre, Inc. to develop a list of issues they want to track on a global basis in multiple languages for product information, new technologies, consumer profiles, trending, competitor news, sales, pricing, patents and new processes, and global markets. TextOre is able to mine through large amounts of information from the web (client competitor websites, newswires, patent and trademark information) and from subscription-based databases for the cosmetics and related industries. TextOre is also able to search social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and online blogs to identify what consumers are saying about specific products. The Cosmetics Firm is able to identify what consumers are saying about their products from all over the world in multiple languages. TextOre is currently targeting large and evolving cosmetics markets in Asia and the Middle East and providing a daily report.

A Law Firm

Uses TextOre to provide discovery in cases where there are large amounts of documents and textual information to be searched and mined.  The data typically resides in emails, internal corporate reports, corporate communications, and other documents. TextOre is able to quickly pinpoint and retrieve information relevant to the case. This saves time and enables the attorneys to quickly find areas to focus on in preparation for litigation and other legal matters.

A Japanese Research Institute

Uses TextOre to verify key policy issues among progressive governments in the EU, Canada, the UK, and the US. Japan is now looking at new ways to stimulate their economy through social and policy reform. Key trends and new and innovative programs are monitored from national and local government websites, government reports and white papers, and the news media. TextOre has been able to pinpoint key areas of reform including in-sourcing of work, performance based budgeting, government transparency, energy conservation, tax reform, and other areas.

An Insurance Company

Uses TextOre to identify multiple claims filed by the same party and to identify fraud in insurance filings. The client uses TextOre in a secured network environment to allow TextOre access to large repositories of digital insurance information. TextOre is able to identify and provide “pattern matching” within and among documents to identify fraud, identity theft, and other criminal activity.