We offer information and analysis on foreign militaries, political entities, research institutes, universities’ activities, leadership, and organizations that is vital to a broad range of government, commercial, and academic clients.

Real Expertise

Many research organizations have linguists and analysts siloed into separate divisions, meaning that analysts do not know the real meaning behind the materials they are analyzing. For TextOre, our team of language-enabled analysts bring deep knowledge of system capabilities, organizations, and leadership to our research products.
In addition to our team of language-enabled analysts, we maintain a network of senior and retired, government, military, and academic analysts on a range of political and military topics. 

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Defense Analytics

TextOre’s experienced teams of analysts can help your agency or company perform detailed monitoring, analysis or simulation of complex security issues. 


Political Risk

TextOre can help your organization or business navigate risks by providing a clear picture of your operating environment.


Market Research

Using our propriety suite of software solutions our analysts can perform deep dives into a company's structure and records, or monitor your brand's impact on social media.